Building the Communist Party means creating Communist Cadres!


The current development of class struggle in Germany and all over the world shows the clearly intensifying contradictions between the imperialist countries and inside each of them. In Germany class struggles have also increased noticeably in recent years. Although the bourgeois attacks deepen, although capitalism has entered one of its most serious crises ever and the objective conditions demand revolutionary change, the subjective factor necessary to achieve it is still absent: A class-conscious working class, and particularly a militant Communist Party, which can take up and lead the struggle against capitalism.

7 years ago we merged as communists and decided to contribute to the reconstruction of the Communist Party in Germany. To build such a party and achieve the highest possible level of ideological, political and organizational unity among communists still remains the most pressing task for communists in Germany. To fulfill this mission successfully we do not only have to overcome the predominant situation of regionalism and circles, which both strongly mark our country, but also must form a strong and dynamical organizational framework, which can lead the struggle against imperialism and for the socialist revolution.

Creating the Backbone of the Communist Party

As much as the Communist Party is missing today, the corresponding experienced communist cadres are, which can only emerge from the struggle against capitalism, repression and counter-revolution. We consider the construction of the Communist Party and the formation of communist cadres as its indispensable backbone to be a dialectical process.

The necessity of leading and directing cadres in all fields of class struggle and on all levels of communist construction can not be overestimated; the same holds true for the conscious focus and effort necessary to reach this goal. Granted, cadres are not everything, but without stable and experienced cadres all other endeavors will turn out to be nothing in the end.

Today we face the task to raise and educate dynamical professional revolutionaries to turn our organization for the reconstruction of a Communist Party into such a party. The formation of such professional revolutionaries is a necessary precondition to take further organizational, ideological and political steps in this construction process.

Overcoming subjective Weakness

In our programmatic self-understanding we already stated: An organization that earnestly declares the consequent overthrowing of capitalist exploitation as its aim, can only reach this through the accumulation and unification of numerous talents and skills. It can only be reached through the organization and education of revolutionary cadres ready to make sacrifices. Especially the struggle against one’s own bourgeois and patriarchal properties and for the formation of a revolutionary personality has to be led. After a very short amount of time already the development of such an organization will be hampered without professional revolutionaries. Without a solid core of professional revolutionaries a developed Communist Party can neither emerge nor withstand the coming attacks of the class enemy.“

On this basis, we consider the absence of such communist cadres one of the biggest problems of the German communist movement. This is also why it lacks organizational, ideological and political continuity over the last generations. Experiences and mistakes are made over and over again instead of learning from them and raising the quality level of one’s political work to a new standard.

The focused overcoming of the gap between the objective necessity of forming communist cadres and our subjective level has to be enforced in the coming period: On a local level as much as on the level of professional revolutionaries, in the women as well as in the youth work.

Therefore we have to take concrete steps to find a way of educating professional revolutionaries filled with revolutionary energy today right in the imperialist centers. We need professional revolutionaries without bureaucratic, functionary-self-understanding, status-quo-thinking and other social-democratic traditions.

We accept this challenge and are sure to grow with our tasks. The construction of a militant Leninist Communist Party will always remain the ultimate measurement of our success.