On January 20th, 2018 the fascist Turkish regime started its long-time planned assault on the Kurdish region Afrin in North Syria/Rojava. Since that day the Rojava-Revolution is under fire by artillery, warplanes, dozens of tanks, thousands of Turkish soldiers and islamist mercenaries.
This assault relies on agreements between Turkey, Russia and the Syrian regime. Their joint aim is to drown the Kurdish autonomy and the Rojava Revolution‘s acquisitions in blood.

From the beginning on it was obvious that the Rojava Revolution would stay a thorn in world imperialism‘s flesh. The imperialist‘s quarrels therefore will not make us weaken our solidarity with the Kurdish freedom movement. The assault on Afrin proves once more, that the Kurdish movement has no reliable allies but the revolutionaries and oppressed people in the region and all over the world.

As it was three years ago during the Kobane resistance, we are not to leave Afrina lone. Let‘s stand side by side with the for freedom fighting people in Rojava and let‘s not leave this assault and the massacres of the Kurdish population unanswered.
Long live Proletarian Internationalism!
Biji Berxwedana Rojava!

Communist Construction
Marxist-Leninist Communist Party – Turkey/Kurdistan
Marxist-Leninist Party (Communist Reconstruction)
Patriotic Democratic Socialist Party Tunisia
Partija Rada – Serbia
ROC ml – France