In our struggle against exploitation and opression, in our fight against war and capitalism, for a free and socialist society the class enemy confronts us with unmerciful repression: As police, military, secret services or through fascists, criminal gangs or forces as the ‚Islamic State‘. Ultimately this repression is limitless it goes from fines to the murder of our comrades.

It is our task not to allow our comrades, that became victims of the repression and gave their lifes for the revolutionary struggle and humanity‘s liberation, to be forgotten. Instead they must live on in our struggle and thus become immortal. We call all revolutionaries, comunists, antifascists to turn this slogan into reality!

Our friend and comrade Ivana Hoffmann is one of these fallen revolutionaries. On March 7th 2015 she was killed taking part in the struggle against the ‚Islamic State‘ in Rojava. This way she became part of the revolutionaries, that live on in our struggle.

Comrade Ivana joined the revolution in Turkey and Kurdistan and her party, MLCP, from Germany. Now it‘s the antifascist, revolutionary and comunist movement‘s duty to fill the gap she left in our ranks.

In the past years since her death a lot of young revolutionaries got to know Ivana, carried on her flag, continued her path and took her as an example in many situations.

Not only towards her but towards all immortal comrades we have a responsibility. It lies with us to continue their path and make them immortal in our midst!

We call on you to create memorial spaces for our immortal comrade Ivana Hoffmann in your cities and countries until March 7th. This way she will live on in the town picture of our cities.

Kommunistische Jugend (KJ)