Resolution: Our international tasks


For us communists in the heart of the imperialist beast the struggles of our comrades all around the world are valuable experiences and an inexhaustible source for motivation. Our comrades are not only the communists, but also all workers and oppressed people, that fight against this inhumane and rotting system in all his forms all over the world.

The German imperialism proves daily that its supposed respect for Democracy and Human Rights is not more than just a mask. This shows itself when weapon systems are sold to forces like Turkey. Egypt or Saudi-Arabia, so that they can than enslave their own or other people. It shows itself, when the Spanish, Italian oder Greek working-class are mockingly called ‘Southerners’, who because of their supposed bad work ethic bear the responsibility of their bad economic situation. And in the silence about the fierce poverty of the peoples of the Balkan, which is only the other side of the coin of the prosperity of German companies.

In this sense it is clear that our main enemy – German Imperialism – is at the same time the enemy of plenty of other people on this planet. But the necessity of international solidarity and united struggle for the world revolution faces the state of our movement on an international level. An international organization of communists, which bases itself on the experiences of the Communist International, is missing everywhere you look. The formation of a new international organizational unity stays a historic mission.

We are convinced that this kind of international union of communists is not created purely by debates, but by united struggle and on the basis of the vigorous work of communists from all countries. Already today we have to do our part in practically connecting revolutionary and communist organizations.

From our congress we send comradely greetings to all our comrades around the world and promise to do everything to stop the exploitation and oppression of all the people on this planet through German imperialism.

Long live the international solidarity!

Long live the internationalism of the proletariat!

Long live the socialist world revolution!