Why Communist Construction?


In times of a deep economic crisis, endless wars, global enviromental destruction and hunger, cries for a fundamental alternative to the prevailing barbarism can be heard from everywhere.

The rebellions of the masses all over the world set in flames millions of hearts and have shown that the oppressed once more are searching for radical solutions – and that these solutions exist.

The ruling class keeps on singing the old song of the ‘end of history’ or of a ‘failed utopia’. They claim that there is no alternative to capitalism and that the struggle for another world leads to a dead end. We are convinced that the opposite is true. We are convinced that only a society which orientates itself to the needs of humanity, not to those of a parasitarian minority offers an exit to imperialistic barbarism: Communism. Our comrades accomplished great achievements and suffered distressing defeats throughout history. Nevertheless we are sure that that we must, can and will break down all barriers and make another attempt based on a revolutionary review on the passed communist experiences.

As everywhere in the world the ruling class in Germany knows that their might is built on sand and they are also quite aware of the masses’ ability to sweep aside their oppressors in a storm of revolutionary energy.

In order to prevent this, the German imperialism has created a highly organized political and military apparatus, which has perfected the carrot-and-stick policy by generalizing about the counter-revolutionary experiences. Defeatingsuch an enemy demands the highest level of willingness to make sacrifices, discipline, strong convictions, industriousness, toughness and love to the oppressed and the exploited.

Any thought of a revolution in Germany in the 21th century therefore stays an utopia without a flexible and vivid, principedly and united acting organization. We need a Communist Party – not a bourgeois parliamentary party but a revolutionary fighting organization.

Therefore what the oppressed and the exploited in Germany most sorely miss is such a party, which is able to guide the masses and to learn from them, to evaluate the revolutionary experiences and apply them, able to overthrow German imperialism.

Every unpunished lie of the ruling class, every fascist attack on class brothers and sisters, each and every working class struggle betrayed by worker unions and social-democrats, every comrade in jail and each and every demonstration which is dispersed by the police also is a desperate call for this party.

We know that we are not alone in our efforts. There are many honest revolutionaries in Germany, who share the hatred for this system and the love for our class. We also know that there are various attempts to unify revolutionary forces in one organization. On the other hand we see far too many who content themselves with narrowly-defined areas, with the hope for ‘someone else to accomplish their task’, who consider the party to be created in a far-off time or themselves to already be ‘the Party’.

In our opinion the imperialistic brutality, the masses’ hopes and the revolutionary uprisings, which announce themselves, forces us not to remain any longer in individualism, ‘small-group-thinking’, demarcation-fetishism, narrow-mindedness, worn-out traditions and schematism.

Communist Construction is founded to approach the task of fighting for the unity of communists based on shared principles. Our organization is meant to make a contribution to a future revolutionary Communist Party. We consider such an organization to have been missing up to the present day.

Which exact steps and detours are to be taken to construct the Communist Party will be revealed by revolutionary analyses and practice. Hence we are sure that the road has to be plastered with willingsness to discuss, creativity, thirst for knowledge,solidarity, clarity of thought, seriousness, militancy and revolutionary struggles. We invite all revolutionaries who share these aims to join us in the struggle for the construction of the Communist Party and for the Communists’ unity.