Let’s turn schools into a front of our struggle for socialism!


As young, organized communists we consider it our duty to contribute to the downfall of imperialism through the socialist revolution and the liberation of humanity through communism. At this moment, this means the construction of a communist party a true combat organization of the proletariat is our most pressing task.

Therefore, one oft our most important working areas consists in convincing adolescents of communism and help them to become communists, that take part in the process of building a party as communist cadres. Briefly said, we want to carry the revolutionary fight nto the life of the youth in Germany.

Yet, this can surely not be achieved by writing and publishing texts and declarations, but only through the concrete connection with others of our age. We must be a part of the youth’s everyday resistance against oppression and exploitation and carry our socialist perspective into these struggles. This is what it means to develop a communist mass work among young people, to activate, politicize and organize them.

In this regard it’s obvious that our mass work must be centered around the places, where the life of the youth takes place, where young people meet and spend their time, where they are directly confronted with the oppressive and exploitive system, capitalism is. For big parts of the youth these places are schools. This is where we spend our time and where we meet others. It is also, where the ruling class tries to turn us into loyal and disciplined workforce, both by training us in capitalist worker’s discipline and obedience and through anticommunist and bourgeois lies we are taught in history and other fields of social sciences.

On the other hand, schools have been proven to serve as starting points for resistance again and again. We’ve seen this happen from spontaneous struggles against unjust teaching practices to protest movements, which develop a broad social influence breaking the boundaries of the school sphere. For instance in the autumn of 2019 the resistance of students in Chile against the raise of transportation costs was the spark for a nationwide uprising, which forced the resignation of the government.

Considering all this, there can be no doubt for us as young communists that schools play a crucial role in our mass work among the youth. We must turn schools into political places, which do not only teach bourgeois propaganda but also a chance to join the fight for our rights and interests, and for revolution and socialism as an alternative.

This alternative can only be realized through our work. This entails the distribution of leaflets, newspapers and other means of propaganda as well as our work inside of the schools. We should make use of any possibility these places offer to strengthen the struggle against capitalism and for socialism and create new forms of organization. This way, through tireless work we will be able to develop the revolutionary potential of the youth and enable the formation of revolutionary student movement.

After our first conference we are more certain than ever: Let’s carry the struggle for socialism into our schools!