Our first youth conference was a success!


The first conference of the Communist Youth with delegates from cities all over Germany has been realized. This conferences was shaped by productive and concrete discussions on the situation of the today’s youth in Germany, the current political situation and the conclusions we can draw from it.

Still the immediate mission communists in Germany are facing is the organization of a communist party, the revolutionary fighting organization of the working class. To reach this goal the formation of communist cadres is an indispensable necessity. We as the organization’s youth face the same task, which means that we have to turn new generations of the youth into enthusiastic revolutionaries and find our path to become communist cadres together. After finishing school, we as young workers will have to carry our struggle into all segments of society.

The conference emphasized the importance of communist work in schools. Schools are places, in which the youth spends a great share of their time together, forms social relationships, discusses politically, but also is confronted with pressure to perform and the current poor conditions of the German educational system. Also, young people from all sectors of the working classes in Germany visit schools, although not necessarily the same schools. Furthermore, school is often times the first place, where young adults become interested in politics, but also the first place where they are exposed to bourgeois ideology, all the more important to present them a revolutionary alternative, beginning from the first day they get in contact with political ideologies.

To succeed in this endeavor we must turn schools into political places, we must bring socialism to the schools! Our goal is to form politically working collectives, which facilitate our struggle inside of the schools and offer students the chance to organize and develop themselves.

In the long run, we want to turn each school into a revolutionary fortress, just as much as every factory. This will enable the special potentials of students, we could for instance observe in the Chilean uprising, to strengthen the revolutionary movement and finally also the socialist revolutionary in Germany.

Let’s take further courageous steps towards the creation of a revolutionary youth movement and the construction of a communist party!