Our International Tasks


Proletarian Internationalism and practical international solidarity are basic elements of Marxism-Leninism. Particularly in Germany, seeing the historical betrayal of these most fundamental principles by the SPD on the verge of World War I, we are painfully familiar with the consequences of disregarding them. Therefore, for us communists there can’t be any situation in which the struggle beside our international class siblings is not on the agenda.

On the basis of the internationalization of production and the formation of international production-chains, the importance of joint international struggle against the capitalist system as a whole has grown as well as its importance for every-day class clashes. Correspondingly, the objective power of us as workers grows when we fight unitedly. Even strikes or blockades by relatively few workers can throw whole production chains into turmoil and cripple numerous countries’ production. We have to become aware of this strengthened position of power and use it in our struggles for improved living conditions as well as in our socialist struggle.

The growing interlinking in capitalist productions makes the necessity and importance of international proletarian coordination on all levels even greater. This is true for the whole world, but even more so in economically especially strong intertwined Europe.

As our class enemies organize and coordinate themselves internationally we also have to lead an international struggle on all levels: In our mass work as well as on the field of communist organization and international solidarity against capital’s aggression.

Let us take the development of real international relations up as our goal, in order to advance through interchanging invaluable struggle experiences of our comrades and the fighting workers worldwide. Let us learn from the international experiences of Communist Party construction, struggles for communist unity, lively development of Marxism-Leninism and practical class struggles.

Such concrete communist relations will be the necessary first step towards the reconstruction of a Communist International. Every step we take on our path to a Communist Party in Germany will equally contribute to the fulfillment of this historical task.

Especially the practical solidarity with all communists, revolutionaries, workers and exploited masses struck by repression has to be a basic part of our political work even today. This is the only way to turn international solidarity into a weapon for class struggle.

Our congress sends warm revolutionary greetings to all our comrades and siblings-in-arms all over the world. We promise to reinforce our struggle against German Imperialism, to end its exploitation and oppression of the world’s people once and for all.

Long live international solidarity!

Long live Proletarian Internationalism!

Long live the socialist World Revolution!