Programmatic self-understanding

Today we live in a capitalist and patriachal class society, in which workers (proletariat) and capitalists (bourgeois) face each other in an unforgiving contradiction. Based on their contradicting objective interests as the exploited and exploiting class, they are waging constant and unconciliatory class war.

Resolution: Develop communist work with women!

The patriarchy is the oldest form of oppression in the world. It‘s roots are going back to the primitive society during the development of private property. It lasted throughout all stages of humankind and evolved with them all the way to modern capitalism. These days it is anchored and widespread within society. In capitalism, we talk about the multiple oppression of the proletarian woman. On one hand women are suppressed because of her class affiliation, on the other hand they are suppressed by patriarchy.

Resolution: Our international tasks

For us communists in the heart of the imperialist beast the struggles of our comrades all around the world are valuable experiences and an inexhaustible source for motivation.

Resolution: Fighting violence against women organized and with dedication!

Violence against women has many faces – may it be violence in marriage and partnership, sexual harassment or rape, stalking, women trafficking, violence experienced in prostitution or genital mutilation. It starts with ordinary flirting, with misogynous language, supposed jokes or slurs. When women are restricted in there freedom, whenever they have to avoid certain spaces, places or situations to guard against harassment and threats, that is a form of violence against women. One thing is common for all facets of violence against women: Their aim is to gain and secure power over women.

Five years communist construction

Exactly five years ago, on the first of May 2014 our organization, the communist construction (Kommunistischer Aufbau), had its first public appearance.

Let‘s create memorial spaces for the murdered revolutionaries! Fallen revolutionaries are immortal!

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