Resolution on the Kurdish resistance


In Turkey, the fascist dictatorship has been bombing cities, towns and villages for months with tanks and artillery. They are besieged. The special units of the Turkish army and the police are hunting Kurds, they kill without making any separation between elderly, women, children or the sick. The fascist regime is organizing the same massacre and destruction in Sur, Cizre, Silopi as the ISIS has done in Kobane.

The street fight which was organized once against ISIS in Serekaniye and later in Kobane, the walls full of holes, destroyed houses, the scenes of murdered bodies on the streets, is now being seen in the seized centers of Kurdistan. Following Serekaniye and Kobane, the seized cities of the North have also become a Stalingrad. Stalingrad was a will fight of the socialist Soviet Union against Hitler fascism. Either they were going to surrender to the German fascism or German fascism was going to be defeated. This will fight is now taking place in Northern Kurdistan. The Kurds either are going to surrender to fascist dictatorship or they will become free by defeating the dictatorship. The trench wars, street fights that have been continuing in many Kurdish centers are the open expression of the will fight.

Because of the importance of Turkey in the rivalry and dog fight among imperialist blocks aiming to settle hegemony in the Middle East, everyone remains silent regarding the massacre of the Kurdish nation by the fascist dictatorship. The role of imperialist countries, in the first place the US and EU, and the international forces under their control cannot be underestimated. They are the ones who encourage fascist regime by remaining silent. In order to realize their own interests in the Middle East, the imperialists forces are using the freedom struggle of the Kurdish nation as a tool. Of course they will not support the Kurdish resistance which is not serving their interests. That’s why they are siding with Turkey. This is why they kept in silence and thus approved the massacre. This is why they are violating the “values” they always talk about. They want Kurdish Freedom Movement to subjugate under imperialist interests and international capital.

The Kurds are also fighting and dieing for all humans that strive for freedom and democracy, and struggle for these values. Their resistance with barricades, their ideals of self-administration have to be seen as resistance and the wish for freedom and self-administration of everyone who are on the side of democracy.

This war, this resistance is not only a torch for Middle Eastern people’s liberation. As the people of the world, we must understand and internalize the role of the light held to the exploited and oppressed of the world by the Rojava revolution. The sphere of the light, the enlightening influence of the revolution is being spread every passing day, and it is now showing its effects in the North. This must be defended, it must be considered as the extension and broadening of the Rojava Revolution and the Kobane resistance.

There will be no struggle for democracy and freedom without setting a connection with Rojava and the resistance in the cities of Northern Kurdistan. One will not understand the fight against fascism without understanding and internalizing why the Kurds are fighting in barricades, why they are resisting and why they are being massacred. It is the same situation with the Palestinian people and their Struggle. Without liberation of Palestine there is no possibility for victory of freedom and democracy in the Middle East.

This struggle of the peoples of the Middle East does not need a support or solidarity that is only in the words. The humanity seeking for freedom and democracy does not have a right to leave the peoples of the middle east alone, who also fight for their freedom. Solidarity with the resistance against fascism and colonialism must be in practice. The world public opinion must be explained that this resistance is also a resistance for all of us. Direct support and solidarity must be demanded.

It is a duty for all of us to show a collective and united stance against the total fascist and brutal attacks.

Communist Construction (Germany)

Marxist-Leninist Communist Party (MLCP) (Turkey/Kurdistan)

Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (Germany)

Socialist Patriotic Democratic Party (PPDS) (Tunisia)

Revolutionary Organization of Labor (USA)

February 2016, at the Unity Congress of Socialist Patriotic Democratic Party (PPDS) (Tunisia)